My poem

scarlett twist of winters roar ,

golden arms of heaven almighty ,

flesh bring food and God bring love ,

frozen lakes and deep sleek dawns ,

hard ear of rock and crystal deep ,

tense beyond my weeping soul.

The world of candy By Ivo

Once in a land far far away there was a land called ‘candy’ , there was a coca cola river , the fields were marshmallows and the towns and villages were coated with chocolate. This chocolate was no ordinary chocolate this was luxury chocolate, this was chocolate that was gooey and sticky and yummy!! Even if you left it in the sun for hours it would not melt not one tiny driblet of caramel!! Every day boys and girls would come out of there beds at midnight and come and eat mouthfulls and mouthfulls of chocolate.

Refreshing my blog By Ivo

hello there!! I am getting started on my blog this is a blog of stories , poems , and thoughts. If you are from a foren country , you may need to translate this language into your language.


Here is one of my poems:

The Shepherd

Daylight dancing on the hills,

the rusty light of the shiny moon,

the rain makes its way to chills,

and the cloud strike in and out,

the winter frost of the slipping icicles,

and the smells of the cold evening smell,

the dawny peace makes its way to rest,

and …the…end…of…the…shepherd.

by Ivo

one of my parents friends “Jonathan bate” inspired me of this poem.